Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mom Confessions

I trick Virginia into getting out of the house by telling her that I see our neighbors cat.  

Sometimes I just smile and nod when I can't hear/understand Virginia. 

I have zero desire to potty train her.  And she needs to be potty trained for preschool in September.

Breakfast is still painfully slow.  If I am in a rush or just can't handle the morning torture we go to dunkin donuts.  Somehow a donut get eaten without 4893572 distractions and I make it to work on time. 

God bless ipads and elmos world.  

God bless Daniel Tiger too.

God please spare us of Caillou.

Virginia can count to 10 in spanish and I cant.  

She now knows when I skip pages in books.  And calls me out on it. 

Virginia still sleeps in a sleepsack.  Yes she is too big for them.  Yes I panicked when I realized that she could unzipper them herself.  My plan for keeping her in her crib until she is 14 is foiled.   

Now that Virginia is forward facing in her car seat she joyfully calls out things that she sees.  Sadly her most common notations are Dunkin Donuts, the pizza place, shake shack and chipotle.  She also panics if I drive in the direction of daycare on a "home" day.  

I had Ginny "help" me garden a few weeks ago.  In a span of minutes she was climbing the rose lattice and then brought me some dog poop.  lovely.  

Virginia - Kure Beach, July 2014