Friday, April 3, 2015

24 weeks

A few days ago we officially reached our first milestone of sorts.

At 24 weeks pregnant I am:
not in the hospital
not on bedrest
acting mostly like a typical pregnant woman
craving a margarita

At 24 weeks this little boy:
has surpassed his sisters birth weight
is very active in the evenings
is very very loved by Virginia

After a pretty wild and scary first trimester, things have been surprisingly calm.  I am hesitant to even write those words.  However, I am trying my hardest to conquer my own fears, avoid the self protection and actually try to enjoy this pregnancy.  Because hospital bedrest started at 21 weeks with Virginia, we are already getting to experience things that never happened last time.  Maternity clothes, strangers acknowledging me as pregnant, glucose tests, and heartburn are all new experiences.  I am still waiting for that exhale moment, but I don't think that will truly ever happen.  In the meantime we are all just trying to enjoy this time as a family of 3 while we wait for this little boy to grow big for the next 12-13 weeks.

Virginia is doing great and is so excited for her little brother.   She is blossoming at preschool and testing our patience all the time.  She has perfected the art of negotiation and tantrums, but is also wonderfully helpful and sweet.  She is still receiving OT and PT weekly, where she has been working on stairs, jumping, and improving her core strength and also attends a weekly gymnastics class.  We always seem major strides in her gross motor skills in the spring and summer as we spend so much time outside, at the beach and on playgrounds.  Here in Connecticut we are still experiencing the winter that wont quit and are anxiously awaiting some nice outdoor weather.