Saturday, May 17, 2014

from the tiniest acorn grows the mighty oak

Last year there was an incredible video that went viral in the prematurity community and beyond.  Nearly 7 minutes of the beautiful and painful story of little Ward Miles captured the essence of the world of the NICU.  Perhaps the most poignant is the first 2 minutes.  There are no words and no music, simply the gentle hum of oxygen that percolates through all NICUs and the beautiful choreography of a mother getting to hold her precious tiny son for the first time.  It is a moment perfectly captured and a moment that all of us that have spent time in the NICU can relate to.  Whether it took a few hours to hold your baby for the first time or many weeks, the moment that you are able to embrace and reconnect with your ill child is one of immense emotions.  The raw emotions of that moment are typically at a time where outcomes, good or bad, are completely unknown.  The 'realness' of these moments in the Miles' video are why it was shared over and over again.  It is why I shared it with my family and friends- for the first time I was able to convey the reality of the journey despite it not being my own.  

The video goes on to capture those unexplainable moments, those moments that previously you would only understand if you stepped behind the sacred doors of the NICU.  The twitchiness of a premature baby due to their immature immune system, the bags of TPN, The cheekiness of a baby who has finally hit 2.5ish pounds, the look of a mom peeking through the plastic walls of the isolette, and finally the ritual of Lindsay tucking in a more alert baby Ward before saying goodnight.  Another night for her to head home without her baby.  

If you haven't watched it, you need to.  If you are struggling with  helping friends and family understand what you are going or have gone through, share this with them.

The Miles family is now using their reach to support Graham's Foundation, an organization that has touched and guided so many of us from the prematurity community.  Click here to see an update from the them and learn all about the amazing tshirt/sweatshirt campaign that they have launched. 

Please consider supporting Graham's Foundation by purchasing an awesome tshirt or sweatshirt at .  

"from the tiniest acorn grows the mighty oak"  Ain't that the truth!  

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