Sunday, June 29, 2014

back at it and life lately

I used to wonder what happened to all the preemie blogs, as many seem to disappear when the kids become toddlers. 

..that kid must have "caught up"
..they had another baby
..they've moved on

Truth is, we are here at preemie toddlerhood and none of that is true for us.  We have just settled into our normal and writing is no longer such an essential part of the healing process.  It truly once was and selfishly that is why I wrote so consistently on this blog for so long.  We are not necessarily busier and prematurity is no less significant in our lives, but I have began to prioritize other things.  

I miss this though.  I miss sharing our amazing little lady.  I miss thinking and worrying outloud.  I miss this community.  

For now, I am just going to share some photos and anecdotes about life lately, but Ill be back soon with some new thoughts and a few projects :)

We are off on an airplane tomorrow for some much needed beach time.

newest virginia-isms:
"beep beep, ssscuse me cars"- anytime we are at a red light
"where my sunglasses?"
"gimeee that" & "I hold it"

latest favorites:
the beach
water table & the hose
helping cook

1 comment:

  1. I was JUST noticing how much less I've blogged over the last few months, and my reasons are similar.
    1. I've healed. I don't need to share as much to process.
    2. Things now are more complex and take longer to answer. We've been waiting nine months to hear about one or two of his issues. Writing "still waiting to find out why he won't gain weight" or "respirations high from teething" or "yep, he ate his puree and rejected the table food again today -- still working on oral aversion" gets a bit old after a while. Things aren't so volatile any more. He's exciting in new ways, different ways. And sometimes, just normal baby ways. I like it.
    3. Eight appointments in a month is normal, if not low, now. No need to tell the world about it. Besides, I think I already covered that part of prematurity.

    Yes, his prematurity impacts so much of my day -- but I've learned how to make that a normal part of our world. And like you, that means there's less to share.

    Still, it's good to hear from you!