Saturday, February 4, 2012

Virginia, we are ready for you

As I mentioned before, there was a time where we couldn't even think about preparing for Virginia's homecoming. There was a turning point sometime in December where we realized that she was going to come home some day. We had emerged from the scariest days of our lives and had more hope than ever that we would all be under one roof eventually. Preparing Virginia's room was therapeutic for us, it felt good for Heath and I to put her room together.

Most of Virginia's quirky little room are items that have special meaning to us. Let's take a little tour.

We bought the school map several years ago at a consignment shop and had planned on mapping our travels on it. We hope that Virginia takes on the world and eventually maps her own travels.
Heath's parents bought Virginia's crib and bookcases for her. The bookcases are filled with books, toys, and stuffed animals that we have received as generous gifts.
The globe was given to Heath and his sisters many years ago, again we hope Virginia will see many parts of the world in her years to come.

Virginia's changing table/dresser belonged to Heath's grandmother. We painted it and added new hardware.

Above the dresser are baskets full of her fluffy cloth diapers.
This is a shadow box of some of Virginia's first clothes and her tiny diaper.

Giraffes have a special meaning to us for a few reasons. Her isolette that she spent so many weeks in was called a giraffe bed. Additionally these 4 feet tall stuffed giraffes are always in the hospital gift shop. For many weeks Heath and I joked that we would buy Virginia one on her way out of the hospital on discharge day. Instead Santa brought Virginia one for Christmas.

Virginia's closet is filled with many hand me downs thanks to her cousins Clare and McKenna!

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