Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting Closer

Virginia has done really well with her feedings the past few days. Well enough that they even removed her NG tube yesterday. The NG tube was the small tube that went through her nose and to her stomach (previously was an OG tube going through her mouth and to her stomach). The OG and NG tubes were the life sustaining method of delivering milk to her before she was able to feed by bottle.

Heath and I are spending alot of time at the hospital lately so that we can feed her as much as possible. Feeding a preemie is not as simple as feeding a term baby. We must pay close attention to her pace of sucking, the color in her face, and know what to do if she chokes. We are all getting more comfortable and confident with each feeding.

Heath's parents came for a quick visit yesterday. Virginia was wide awake for them most of the day and got lots of snuggles.

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