Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We were so very lucky to be spared during Hurricane Sandy.  We live about a mile from the Long Island sound and only a few hundred feet from a major waterway that leads to the sound.  We were not in the evacuation zone but were in the stranded zone and were told to expect to potentially not leave the area for several days and be without power for as long as 7-10 days.  We did lose power but otherwise had no damage.  After 4 days without power and heat the house started to get too cold for Virginia.  We decided to go to Nino and Papa's house for heat, lights, and love.  We are finally able to watch the TV coverage and realize the vast devastation in the tri-state area and realize just how lucky we are.

In photos here is how we spent the week:

V played with new toys on Sunday as we waited for the storm to come.

We ate dinner by candlelight on Monday night.

Ginny learned all about shadow puppets on Tuesday night.

We went to a halloween party on Wednesday at a friend's house where there was power.

We bundled up on Thursday as the house started to get cold.

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