Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prematurity Awareness Month- March of Dimes

Virginia on November 13th last year

One of the first places we turned to when it became apparent that Virginia would be born early was the March of Dimes.  The great part of being at a large university hospital for bedrest and our NICU journey was our access to top notch medical care, the downside was at times we felt a little lost in the maze.  The March of Dimes filled the gaps through their NICU support program, their online resources, and the wonderful people at the CT March of Dimes who helped me navigate the preemie world outside of the hospital.

The march of dimes is not just about family support.   They are a major source of research funding,  educational programs, advocacy initiatives and community grants.  Today they released the national prematurity report card which is a benchmark of their initiatives to reduce the rate of prematurity in the US.  This report highlights the major problem of prematurity that we have in this country.  On Saturday the March of Dimes joins forces with many other organizations through advocacy and awareness on World Prematurity Day.  Please join this cause and our family by wearing purple this Saturday. 

Lastly, I had a kick off meeting for the March for Babies walk today.  We plan to be involved in the planning this year for our walk here in Fairfield and have set some goals for our family team.  Last year we raised $5,700 and had 10 walkers.  For the 2013 team we hope to raise over $7,500 and have at least 25 walkers as part of team Go Ginny Go.  Please save the date for April 28th, 2013 and join us as we celebrate our journey, the journey of our friends and celebrate all the babies and angels that are born to soon.

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