Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lily Wraps

I mentioned in my previous post that we are donating books and Lily Wraps to the YNHH NICU in honor and celebration of Virginia's homecoming.   We will be donating one for every donation to our March of Dimes team this week.  Truly every donation will make an impact.

Donating books was an obvious choice for us and something we also did at Virginia's birthday.  Most of the books on the NICU book cart are donated by graduate families and many come with a mention of how their family was affected.  The books that we have from that book cart gave us hope, warmth and love.

I recently met the wonderful woman behind Lily Wraps.  She so eloquently wrote about the story of how we met on her blog.  Go read it!   She is the mom to 4 beautiful children, one of which is a micro-preemie like Virginia and another little girl who was too small for earth and is now a beautiful angel.  April is also a NICU nurse here in Connecticut and is a tireless advocate for the March of Dimes and for prematurity and infant loss awareness. Yes, she is amazing!

We are so very aware of how we could have needed a Lily Wrap.  At 22 weeks pregnant my doctors offered very few options for care; most thought I would deliver immanently.  The darkest nights of my life were during the 2 weeks in the hospital before viability day.  I had so much HOPE but during those dark nights my hope wavered and I wondered how we would say goodbye and how I would memorize my baby's face.  My heart will never forget that anguish.

I can not imagine the pain of losing a baby.  I am sure it is a pain that is so raw and deeper than someone can adequately express.  I know far too many people that do know that pain.  I hate that anyone needs Lily Wraps, but I am grateful that April offers these perfectly small blankets to wrap precious babies and envelope the hearts of their families.

Please also consider donating directly to Lily's Amazing Grace.  100% of the donations go directly to Lily Wraps, NICU care packages, and Bereavement Boxes for local families.

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