Thursday, February 14, 2013

Little Valentine

This is our last "first ______ holiday" at home.  We are approaching a whole year of Virginia being home with us!

Valentine's day last year was the turning point for Virginia.  She was finally starting to act like a newborn.  She was waking up for meals, she was crying, and she was starting to take bottles.   It was a turning point for us too.  We went from having so much fear of the unknown and for her future to really just enjoying her and taking care of her.  In a few weeks time the conversation turned from questions of ET studies, swallow studies, ng-tube, g-tube, PVL, ultrasounds and MRIs to talk of car seat tests, bottle types, home care instructions and discharge.

Valentines day this year consists of Physical Therapy, lots of playing and maybe a little time in the snow.   Hugs and Kisses from our little valentine to you!

look at those chins! 

 same heart <3

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