Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I have always had a hard time depicting just how small Virginia was, but lately I have had a hard time remembering it myself.  "Impossibly small" is what comes to mind.   Much of this post is just a reminder for me.  A reminder of how far she has come.  A reminder that so much is possible.  A reminder that every ounce of heartbreak and worry is rewarded ten fold in our joyful little girl.  

I didn't have the foresight to put anything next to her for scale in those early days.  I remember being utterly shocked by her size but even more amazed that she was so tiny, but so perfect.  Every detail was there - just so tiny.  

 Her blood pressure cuff was smaller than a standard size bandaid.

 My wedding ring fit over her ankle.

The first time I held Virginia her head nestled between my breasts and he feet touched just above my belly button.

Her diaper was smaller than a playing card.

That lamb is a beanie baby (!)

At 2 months old she fit in her tiny stocking.

At 2 months old they swaddled our "warm baby" in a pillow case folded in half

10 weeks old being held "like a baby" for the first time.

 feeling "huge" to us at 11 weeks.


  1. It's so amazing to look at how far she's come and how much she (and you and Heath) had to fight to get to where she is today!! She really is a miracle!

  2. Wow! So amazing with how far she has come. As I packed away clothes for each kid, I got sentimental from how small they were. It was nothing in comparison!