Thursday, September 5, 2013

a little down time

Virginia and I are enjoying a little R+R in Maryland this week.  Last week was our final week with our Nanny and Virginia does not start daycare until next Monday so we decided to take a week to regroup and prepare for avoid all of the upcoming change.  

Its really hard to believe that this photo was from our first day with Sarah and Lilah from last Summer.

And this is a photo from our last day with them last Thursday.  These little nuggets have grown so much and learned so much from eachother and Sarah has been the most nurturing and creative caregiver.  It was quite sad to see this chapter end, but we are so thankful for the great year that we had.

Our trip to Maryland hasn't all been R+R:
Virginia screamed the whole length of the New Jersey turnpike on our way down.
Every other word out of her mouth is "no".
She has dumped all of the water out of the dog bowls twice. 
She has refused naps.
She ran away from me at the mall, clearing the nordstrom shoe section along the way.  

But all that is forgotten when we play outside in jammies and have tea parties with miniature stuffed animals.  This gal is quite sassy and funny.

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