Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Dear Virginia,
As we spent our day together I couldn't help but think of who we were two years ago.  I was a new mom, although not willingly.  I was desperately scared for you as your tiny 650 gram body was dramatically pulled from mine.  As I laid on the operating table words raced through my head but simply could not come off my lips.  My tears were trapped inside, perhaps because they were conflicting tears of devastation and joy.   Outwardly I was strangely emotionless but on the inside there was an eruption of love and pride.  

love and pride.  The moment that I laid my eyes on you, that was all that mattered.  You pulled it straight from my soul and have continued to do so for each and every day since.  Today, your 2nd birthday, was no different.  I spent the day so in love with your soft little voice, your kisses, and the way you pat pat your baby doll.  There was so much pride today too.  Truthfully, I am proud of every breath you take but today I spent the day in awe of your strength and wit.  In your attempts to "run."  In your ability to follow the leader in library class.  In the fight that you gave the doctor at your well baby visit.  Finally, in your adamant request of pretzels for dinner.  

I will love you, forever and always, because you are my dear one.


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