Monday, October 28, 2013

2 year old stats

I have failed to keep a baby book for Virginia.  I suppose that went the way of my birth plan, nursery designs and child rearing reading.  This blog serves as my way of keeping track of what happened when, so without further ado here is Virginia at two:

Virginia at TWO

height: 33 inches
weight: 21.5 pounds - officially fallen off the charts :(
clothing: 18m
how old she would tell you she is:  Eight (!)

favorite food: pretzels (she is a klem afterall!)
favorite song:  row row row your boat (alligator version)
favorite toys: baby stella & play kitchen
favorite book: Some Dogs Do
favorite everything: elmo
favorite place to be: outside

sleeping: erratic
words: new ones every day and  stringing 2 & 3 words together
favorite word: NO
favorite phrase: NO NO Pippi (our dog)
PT: working on "running," climbing/descending steps & ramps, following directions, completing simple tasks (puzzles etc)

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