Monday, December 16, 2013

Safe to say that our visit with Santa didn't go so well....

This is Virginia's 3rd christmas.  She was in the NICU for her 1st and Santa visited her isolette.  Unfortunately the Polaroid photographic evidence was lost before we ever got to see it.  We were in RSV lockdown for her 2nd christmas so we definitely did not venture to the Mall or any "breakfast with Santa" events.  Instead my Dad donned his jolly red suit for some photos last year.  Needless to say we were excited for this little rite of passage this year!

On Saturday we traipsed through the snow to go to a local store to see Santa.  Good friends of ours work there so we knew that this was pretty low key as santa goes... no long lines and no scary elves. I knew to expect this type of reaction, but I really thought that she might do ok.   We were careful to show her Santa and let her wave to him and then go do some other things.  We lingered around watching other kids visit with Santa and we talked about how nice he was.

NONE of that mattered.  I don't blame her.  

It was quick and mostly painless.  There is a funny picture as evidence and she waved as we left so I don't think that we did any permanent damage.

However, I don't think we will be visiting the easter bunny this year....

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