Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Virginia Lately

Just a good ole fashioned update and mom brag.

This kid is AWESOME.  Seriously, she is awesome.  She is also awesomely naughty sometimes. She is changing and learning so much lately that I am experiencing that bittersweet heartache of pure joy of her continued development and total devastation that she is growing up.

She still LOVES everything elmo.

Her phrase of the week is "whehh _____ go?"  Some variation of this phrase is said 34875203987 times a day.

She practices "running" and "jumping" everyday.  She has a long ways to go but is very enthusiastic about both :)

She insists that everyone's coats and shoes come off when we get in the house.

She is obsessed with shoes.

Her hair is finally starting to grow.  I've never been so proud of a mullet ;)

She licks her finger before turning the page in her books.... imitating much ?!

Lately she confuses "chin" and "Ginny" .. that makes for some funny conversation.

She looked at us like we were totally crazy cakes when we brought the christmas tree in the house. She also let out a huge "WOW" when I turned on the lights for the first time tonight.  We are so so so excited to experience the holidays with her this year.

Virginia will sit on the potty, but only because she wants to use toilet paper.

She is the most ticklish kid ever! and always says "mowr tic tic"

Our bedtime routine has gotten much less dramatic since switching to "how do dinosaurs say goodnight" as our last book of the night.

and now for a photo dump... lots of holiday happenings around here!

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  1. I love hearing these updates!!! Happy Holidays to all of you!