Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Tomorrow we have Virginia's annual testing for birth to three (Connecticut's early intervention program).  Im excited to see how she scores in the various developmental categories but am also realistic that they are just scores.  They are nothing more and nothing less, simply a tool for us and her therapists to use to decide whats next.  I am confident that it will show that she has made some tremendous progress in closing the gap, but I also fear that it may not pick up on the subtleties that impact or may impact her development.

This time of transition feels much like the end of our NICU journey.  We know that there is still alot of hard work to be done.  We straddle the line of being comfortable and happy with the support (nurses then, therapists now) and wanting some freedom, normalcy  and privacy.  And we are embarking on a new phase of parenthood where the responsibility of her care and development is more firmly placed on our shoulders.

Much like this same time 2 years ago, things are far better than what we could have imagined, but we remain weary of potential consequences of Virginia's traumatic and early birth looming at the next step.  

Say it with me.  Stay in the moment!  Focus on the now!  There will be no ground breaking discoveries tomorrow, hopefully just affirmation that we continue to head in the right direction.

One skill I am confident that she has mastered... watercolors ;)

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  1. She's awesome!! Look at that pincer grip:) Thinking of you and totally get that feeling. Will we ever stop waiting for the other shoe to drop? Wishing you many moments in the present! Rachel