Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy Happy (Homecoming) Day

2 years ago   today our little 6 pound 10 ounce 4 month old came home from the hospital.   That day was quite possibly the most normal part of our journey.   Well maybe not normal, afterall it had been 4 months since delivery and I was wearing skinny jeans.  We had stopped for coffee on the way to the hospital and we had a restful night of sleep the night before (it was my first time not setting the alarm for 1am and 5am to pump). Im pretty sure that is not how most people bring their babies home from the hospital, but it seemed normal to us and it is definitely a contender for the happiest day EVER.  

2 years later February 22nd is still such a happy day. The mixed emotions, sadness and guilt that surrounds many other anniversaries is nowhere to be found today.  Its a day to celebrate being whole and together and it is a day of immense gratitude.  

Today the sun was shining bright much like her homecoming day.  We left the house early to go to the children's museum for some fun and time in the much loved water room.  I kid you not, as we got on the highway "Home" by philip phillips came on the radio.  Immediately Virginia called out from the backseat "Ginny song!!" Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up!  It set the tone (pun intended) for a beautiful day of enjoying our best girl.  

We celebrated today with an elmo balloon, a cupcake decorating party, lots of snuggling, and our annual porch photo :) 

And because Virginia couldn't quite get "homecoming" to roll off her tongue this morning the rest of the day was known as and will probably forever be known as "Happy Happy Day."

ALSO, we have hit our goal and will be providing 31 meals for families at Yale's NNICU.  Thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts.  We know that the support to team Go Ginny Go will make an immediate impact for the families at YNHH and a lasting impact through the research and support of the March of Dimes.  Click here  if you are interested in supporting or walking with Go Ginny Go.  We have just over 2 months until we will be walking for healthier babies.  

 cooking at the childrens museum

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