Friday, June 26, 2015

Homestretch - Pregnancy after my Micro-Preemie

I thought I would write a lot more here about pregnancy after preemie.  My intentions were mostly selfish- I figured that writing here would again be my therapy, my way to think through things, and my way to deal with the challenges and emotions.  Selfishly I haven't needed it, so I haven't found the time to regularly talk about this pregnancy or update the few people who still follow along here.  Selfishly I have enjoyed keeping it all to myself, relishing in each day, enjoying all the things that we missed out on last time, and settling myself into the uncharacteristic zen that fills my subconscious during times of uncertainty.  

This pregnancy has really just gone so well.  I think there are a fair amount of people that are surprised we have (nearly) made it to a scheduled c-section, but honestly Heath and I are not surprised.  We went into this with the expectation that we had done/ were doing everything we could to have a big healthy baby.  It meant surgeries, treatments, hard decisions, sacrifices, and lots of appointments but it also meant that we went into this with equal parts bravery and hope.  

There have been a few bumps in the road, a few moments of fear or panic, but generally we have just been counting down the weeks.  Passing each milestone quietly with just prayers of thanks.  We have a c-section scheduled for this Monday at 36 weeks and 4 days - exactly 12 weeks longer than I was pregnant with Virginia.  We are hoping this little guy is ready for prime time, but know we are in the best place possible if he needs any assistance.  I am feeling really great and wishing that I could go a few weeks longer, but have come to terms with the timing - knowing that it is the safest time for both baby boy and myself.  

For now I am just enjoying these last few days of having him all to myself.  I already know that he is pretty laid back, directionally challenged (breech), likes to give high fives and is a cuddler for sure.  

Thank you all for cheering us on.

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