Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Little Virginia is a Big Sister

4 weeks ago today we joyfully welcomed Virginia's little brother into the world!  He arrived via a scheduled c-section at nearly full term.  Henry George was born on July 29th at 36 weeks 4 days weighing 6 pounds and 8 ounces and 19.25" long.

I am so thankful for a long, healthy and relatively boring pregnancy thanks to the TAC, lots of precautions, exceptional medical care, and lots of prayers.  I did not spend a single day on bedrest and did not make a single trip to labor and delivery until delivery day.  Still, it was not easy but it was so very much worth it.

Henry did spend his first day in the NICU for respiratory monitoring.  He really was only there long enough for us to see some of our favorite nurses and doctors.  It was disappointing to not hold him in the OR or bring him right up to our room, but we did our best to keep things in perspective and make the best of it.  There was a certain beautiful irony to introduce Virginia to her brother in the same place where she fought so tremendously hard for her life.  It was where we first became a family and where we became a family of 4.

We are adjusting well to life with Henry.  We have learned that there are still some extra challenges with late term preemies but really those things just mean we are more tired (yawn) and are so so minor in relation to the tumultuous first month with Virginia.  Breastfeeding troubles, sleepyness, weight gain, and wonky newborn screenings are the norm for babies born even a few weeks early. We are working through each of these things while getting to know our little guy and adjusting to life at home with 2 kids.  Thankfully my Mom has living with us and helping with toddler entertainment, cooking, cleaning, baby rocking, and diaper changing.  

Virginia absolutely adores her little brother and wants to help with everything!  She is such a proud big sister and takes her role very seriously :)  
We constantly are catching new Virginia-isms - "look at our cuddly little guy"  "he's so cuuuuuuuute" "shh shh shh its ok buddy"

Henry has made our hearts so full and really is just the sweetest little guy.


  1. This give me hope and makes me smile. I just left a comment on when you were considering TAC...
    I'm terrified... but maybe there is a reason I found this blog.
    is a c-section as awful as it sounds... recovery... not being with your baby right after?

    1. I know you posted a months ago but I felt like I should respond seeing it now. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with a TAC. I have had three pregnancies prior to this. My first was a premiee born at 24 weeks via c-section. The other two were both premiee due to different complications but both delivered VBAC and now we have two lovely girls. Our first lived only two days which was devastating. We knew though that God had a plan for our family and we had hope that we would have healthy children. Without going into a lot of detail I would just like to say, don't let the fear of a c-section hold you back if you feel strongly you should bear another child. Do your research and find a doctor that you love and respect and feel confident in. Keep in mind that TAC is great for patients with a history of incompetent cervix but there are other issues that cause a woman to have a baby too early so know your own history well as you look and research to find your personal solution. Good luck and I wish you the best in your family journey!

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