Friday, December 9, 2011

1 pound...

Virginia now weighs 1 full pound bigger than her birth weight. She is getting bigger and stronger each day and her doctors are getting her prepared to try to take her off the vent again in the next week. We could use LOTS of prayers that the second attempt is successful and that she stays off of the vent.

Virginia has had a very good week save for about 24 hours mid week where she was retaining too much fluid and needed a round of diuretics. After receiving the diuretics she was significantly better in a matter hours. Her doctors have restarted her daily diuretics, which should help keep the fluid under control. She was on these about 2 weeks ago, but her kidneys were too sensitive to them so they had to discontinue the daily dose and give a different diuretic "as needed." The problem with that was determining when she needed the intermittent dose, like earlier this week where it took her having a bad day to know that she was in need of the medication. So far her kidney levels are great on the daily dose, so we are hoping that it stays that way.

She also had her first eye exam this week. Her eyes looked normal for her age and prematurity and will be checked again in 2 weeks.

Our growing girl is now 15.3" long and about 2.5 lbs and we are finally seeing her get a little chubby. She is getting more beautiful each and everyday. She will hate me for this in about 15 years, but check out her double chin below :)

Specific prayers that we could use this weekend:
That her doctors are able to successfully take her off of the ventilator and that she is able to stay off.

That Virginia continues to steadily gain weight.

That Virginia is able to handle her daily diuretics.

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