Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our Christmas Gift

Virginia gave us a wonderful gift yesterday, she is now off of mechanical respiratory support and on nasal cannula. This is more wonderful progress. She is still on "room air" oxygen and breathing comfortably.

Virginia's doctors ordered a renal ultrasound last week because of our family history of kidney problems and did discover a few kidney stones which are likely the result of some of the medications that she had several weeks ago. She has not shown any problems clinically and we likely would have never known about them if they had not performed the ultrasound. We are hopeful that the stones won't present any problems, but the nephrologists will regularly check them.

The focus in the next few weeks will start to shift to oral feedings and transitioning to an open crib. While these next steps will certainly present new challenges for Virginia, we are so excited to be able to be more and more involved in her care and help her along in experiencing more and more "baby" milestones.

Specific prayers that we could use this weekend:

That Virginia is able to continue her great respiratory progress.

That Virginia continues to steadily gain weight.

That Virginia's kidney stones cause her no problems, or better yet reslove entirely.

That Virginia takes to oral feedings well.

We cannot thank you all enough for all of the good thoughts and prayers that you have sent our way. We ask you that you continue them into 2012. We expect it to be a very exciting year for us, but recognize that there will be many challenges along the way. For now, we are going to celebrate all of the great things that Virginia has been doing lately and enjoy the holidays with our little girl.

Wishing each of you a very happy holiday season

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