Thursday, January 26, 2012

We have come a long way

This week marked a major milestone. Virginia spent the first 94 days of her life on oxygen support. On Monday they removed her nasal cannula and she is now free of all oxygen support. Virginia has come a long way. She spent 50 days on the ventilator, 6 days on NIPV, 7 days on CPAP, 5 days on high humidity nasal cannula, and 26 days on 1 liter of nasal cannula.

Looking back on pictures from her first weeks of life we are reminded of all the answered prayers, all of the progress, and truly how far we have come.

Below is Virginia at 4 days old with an endotrachial tube, a feeding tube, 3 IV's, umbilical lines, and monitoring lines.

And this is Virginia today with only a feeding tube and monitoring lines. On her 4th day of life we were worried about a possible infection, praying for the skill of her nurses and doctors to get central line in her tiny arm, and nervously awaiting the results of her second head ultrasound. Today on her 97th day of life we are obsessively tracking her bottle feeding, snuggling and reading books and inspecting all of Virginia's perfect features.
We love holding her fingers....

kissing her forehead...
stroking her hair..
tickling her toes...

and watching her sleep.

Virginia continues to make progress with bottle feeding. She is choking alot less these days and just gets tired while eating. As she gets bigger and gains strength she will have more and more stamina while bottle feeding.


  1. What a great update! We are so happy to see her progressing so well. We'll be praying for you all and hoping that Virginia will be home with you very soon!

    Erin & Greg

  2. It is so wonderful to hear about her progress, and see pictures of her looking so good! You all remain in our prayers.

    Leah & David

  3. Thank you for this beautiful update! So happy for all of you. Love, Julie and Uncle Tommy