Monday, December 17, 2012

As many of you know we live quite close to Newtown, CT;  Friday's horrific tragedy has is quite literally hit close to home for us.  Beyond just being geographically close I find that there are so many other ways that this hits close to home.  I am devastated for our community, for our state, and for our country.  We have lost beautiful souls with bright futures, but have also lost the innocence of so many other children as well.   I hope that the days and weeks ahead bring peace and comfort to the families of Newtown  and that our country has the ability to come together to make a difference to prevent such senseless violence.

In the new year I plan to (and not just talk about doing):
Thank a teacher
Thank a first responder
Savor the small moments with Virginia, Heath and my family
Write/contact my congressman, senator and president with my feelings on sensible gun control and mental health reform.

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