Tuesday, December 11, 2012

stocking stuffer

It was just a year ago that we stuffed Virginia, who seemed so big (to us) at almost 2 months old, into her stocking with the help of Amy, her amazing night nurse.  I sewed the stocking on a whim because I knew that it would be difficult to find  a stocking that was the perfect "Ginny size." For a month it hung from her IV pole.  It marked her spot in what was otherwise a fairly anonymous room of 10 babies in their respective incubators.  It sat right next to her ventilator as she struggled to be extubated for good and it moved with her into the continuing care nursery in those amazing days around Christmas 2011 where she made so much progress.  

We have done alot of comparison photos and posts over the last year.  Virginia was so small, probably smaller than any of you can imagine and certainly smaller than I was prepared for.  Even though I had a month of bedrest and I laboriously calculated and imagined her size with each passing day, I was still shocked at her size.  We have taken all of these comparison photos for scale, as a reminder to us and as a way of showing all of you.  

Stuffing her into her stocking that night was one of my favorite nights of last winter.  We giggled as we tried to get her squirmy little body, which was just starting to get a little chunk, into that small stocking.  I immediately thought about what Christmas would be like this year.   All year I have looked forward to getting her special stocking back out. 

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