Monday, December 24, 2012


We spent Saturday packing and preparing for our trip to Maryland to spend Christmas with my side of the family.

Virginia falls somewhere in the gray zone in the precautions that most people recommend for preemies of her age and health.  She is definitely still at risk for a bad reaction to a respiratory illness, but she is also pretty big and strong.  She looks so healthy, but the reality of how small and sick she was is still very much in the front of our memory.  We spent alot of time debating what to do for the holidays and we were hopeful that Virginia would qualify for synagis to make our decision a bit easier.  After 3 rounds of appeals and denials it is ironic that our final denial came on Friday.  We had already decided to travel, its the best thing for our family and we are taking plenty of precautions to protect Virginia.  These are the types of conversations and decisions that have become part of our life.  Not being able to take Virginia to church, the grocery store, the mall, the library or a mommy and me class doesn't bother us, but it is harder when it impacts our ability to see our friends and family.  This trip to see friends and family is a much needed break to our winter isolation.  

We adjusted Virginia's schedule to prepare for the 5 hour drive.  We skipped her afternoon nap and let her learn to climb the stairs as a way of wearing her out in the hope that she would sleep most of the ride.

That "adjustment" to her schedule has seemed to backfire.   The combination of some serious teething, a little cough, a new environment and alot of holiday excitement has made for some fitful sleep.    Im hoping that Santa brings us all a long night of uninterrupted sleep!

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