Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From the Archives...

I was cleaning out my spam folder and found an old email from my dad (sorry dad, your emails aren't spam).  In it was a photo of Virginia from November 14, 2011 that I have never seen before today.  I believe this was just a week or so after she opened her eyes for the first time and probably the first time my Dad saw her beautiful eyes.  I still can't believe she was ever this small.

She also looks crazy red nice and pink (probably from a recent blood/platelet transfusion) and it looks like she had recently had her tapes replaced since that darn ET tube clip is so far in her mouth :(   Virginia was coming out of a pretty rough few weeks and looks pretty darn amazing though!

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  1. such a heartwarming blog! so happy that your little one has come so far.

    go ginny go