Thursday, January 31, 2013


I think most parents of preemies can agree that the day they begin kangaroo care is one of the best days of their NICU stay.  For many parents, including us, it marks the day that their baby is finally stable after some scary weeks.  Our whole days were planned around kangaroo time. The good days were made great by snuggling skin to skin and the bad days were made worse when Virginia was not stable enough to come out of her isollette.

I have always either nursed or rocked Virginia to sleep at night but lately she seems to want to play more than rock.  I feel like our snuggling time is changing or ending.  It makes me thankful for those "extra" days that I got to snuggle her during kangaroo time in the NICU.  I would have rather had her inside of me but kangarooing her tiny soul was such an amazing treat.

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