Tuesday, April 16, 2013

grocery shopping

Virginia sat in the grocery cart for the first time last week!  Have I mentioned how happy we are that RSV season is over?!  We did have a little scare when our Babysitter's daughter, who spends all day with Virginia, came down with croup last week.  Surprisingly enough Virginia did not get sick. Either we are very lucky or Virginia's compromised immune system is like "the little engine that could. "

I have to say our grocery trips are forever changed.  This has nothing to do with Virginia now being able to come along and sit in the cart, but everything to do with all that I am learning while here in DC with "Supermoms against Superbugs."   I came to Washington knowing how important this issue is to preemies as well as the general public, but I am learning so much about food animal production and the frightening effects of antibiotic abuse.  In the meantime I will be making even more changes in the food that is consumed in our house and will be asking more questions when we are out to eat at restaurants (a new favorite for Virginia is her post-RSV season life).

Off to bed... taking on Capitol Hill in the morning.

btw.. we had a great extended weekend in DC.  Ill be sharing lots of photos this week.

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