Friday, April 5, 2013

Nephrology Update

Virginia had a nephrology clinic appointment on Thursday.  They didn't do an ultrasound and didn't do blood work or a urinalysis until after the appointment, so there really was no new news.  After they receive her urinalysis results they will decide if we will start a treatment plan for her kidney stones or if we will wait another few months and do a repeat ultrasound.  

The treatment plan might include Diuril , which her kidneys went batsh*t crazy on while she was in the NICU.  Im hoping that Diuril is not necessary as I fear a simple diuril dosage will quickly turn into a regimen of constant blood work and sodium supplementation too. 

now for a little rant - There has got to be a better way to get a urine sample from an infant than to use a U-bag.  I have spent way too many hours in the waiting area of Yale New Haven Hospital trying to simultaneously wrestle a baby, keep her upright, feed her a bottle, and keep her distracted from the glorified sandwich bag taped to her underside.  I usually end up a disheveled sweaty mess and Virginia's diaper typically has far more urine it it than the u-bag does.  I did the December appointment solo and it took 3 hours and 3 different u-bags to get a sufficient (and later deemed contaminated) sample!  rant over...

Ginny had her first visit to our favorite New Haven Thai restaurant after her appointment!  We are THRILLED to be getting out after RSV season!  

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