Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maryland & DC trip photos

We had a jam packed weekend in Maryland and DC which included a bridal shower for my cousin, a wedding for very good family friends, lots of fun with Ginny's cousins, some sightseeing in DC, Virginia's first stay in a hotel, and some time lobbying on Capitol Hill.  Lots and lots of photos below! 

Cousin McKenna was bribing Virginia to walk by offering her nibbles of her cake.  Virginia willingly took 7 or 8 steps for her which is a new record :) 

Kara, Ginny, Aunt Karen & Mama

Uncle Mike!

blue eyed girls 

 big hotel bed!  

 Waiting for the air & space museum to open

 We had no idea that we would run into Eddie & Roseanne in DC. What a small world!

 Virginia was very excited about the Nasa exhibit.

 Asleep for the Washington Monument and the few cherry blossoms that were left.  

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