Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family Time

We have been so blessed to have had a lot of time with family over the last  week.

One of the most difficult mental challenges for me about having a micropreemie has been how it has impacted our ability to see our family and especially our nieces and nephews.  We were so excited that we were expecting a baby that would be close in age to her cousins, but we didn't expect that we would have to miss out on so many of their milestones and keep them away from their little cousin for so long.

We live 3-5 hours away from each of our families, so both distance and the precautions of RSV and flu season have impacted how much we have been able to see them.  Thankfully our parents have made countless trips to Connecticut to visit and support us, sometimes even making the whole trip in one day when we needed them most .  This past week Heath's Mom came for 4 days to visit and watch Virginia while our Nanny was away for vacation.  (Thank you Nino!)

Our 5 nieces and nephews ranged in age 6 months to 3 years when Virginia was born and we went from seeing them roughly every other month to not seeing them much for nearly 7 months.  We missed baptisms, birthday parties, holidays, and dance recitals.  We missed all of these things again when RSV season rolled around again.  We are now making up for lost time.  My sister, her husband and her girls came for a visit this past weekend and the girls had a great time together.  The girls were so SO good and so patient with "Ginnieeeeeee" and she learned so much from them in a few short days.

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