Monday, July 8, 2013

silence is golden

Things have been quiet around here because we spent the last 5 days in Maryland visiting family and friends, hanging out at the pool, eating crabs, and most importantly celebrating the marriage of my cousin Nina and her new husband Jay.   Welcome to our crazy family, Jay!

Our trip was great for so many reasons, but one reason was that it was great to see how much Virginia has progressed in the last few months through the eyes of people that haven't seen her in a while.  It is easy to forget all of the progress while in the day to day parenting and therapy-ing.  It was also the first time that we went to Maryland and I didn't carry hand sanitizer and disinfectant with me everywhere.  I'd say it was nice to relax in that sense but I was too busy chasing her everywhere and keeping her from getting into the trash, other peoples purses, the dog bowls, the silverware drawer, the sink cabinet EVERYTHING.  This is a problem we are loving to have!  

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