Thursday, July 18, 2013

preemie mama friends

New moms are notorious for seeking out each other.  It takes a village to raise a child, and the advice, commiseration, and friendship of fellow new moms is golden.  Being the parent of a micro preemie can be terribly isolating in the new mom world.  We didn't meet any other couples during birthing class because we never made it to birthing class.  The soon to be moms that I met in prenatal yoga were still pregnant and still going to yoga class.  You get the idea.

What I didn't expect when starting on this preemie journey was to meet such amazing people that have walked in my shoes.  Some people I have only met via blogs or facebook and others I am lucky enough to see regularly.  Its an immediate sisterhood.  We all have unique journeys with the common threads that bind us.

As much as this blog has been a wonderful avenue for meeting other preemie mamas (and dads and grandmas too), meeting and developing relationships with local preemie mamas has been really good for my soul.  I didn't meet any of them through a support group or preemie mom club and it wasn't how I was expecting to meet fellow new moms, but boy am I grateful that they are in my life.  There are several that I met in the NICU.  There is one whose son shared Virginia's spot 1.5 years earlier and guided me through some tough days in the NICU.  And there are a few very special friends that I have met through the March of Dimes.  These are the women I turn to for preemie specific advice and recommendations, but also for a little w(h)ine therapy and lots of playdates.  Everyone should be lucky enough to have a local support network like I am blessed to have.

If you are a new preemie parent, I encourage you to find some fellow preemie parents.  You may find them through online groups, through the March of Dimes, through your NICU's family support network or advisory board, and through local Preemie/ NICU organizations (here in CT we have the Tiny Miracles Foundation).  Reach out, you will be glad you did.

Below are some of Virginia's warrior friends.  I love these kids and their mamas, who are some of the strongest and most loving people that I know.

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