Saturday, November 2, 2013

pumpkins, peacocks and prematurity

We had an awesome halloween.   It was my first experience as a parent to see the magic of a holiday through my child's eyes.  Virginia loved her costume and wore her ridiculous fascinator headband the entire night.... shocking, really.    I think she was mostly just stunned that random people were handing her candy.  Luckily she has sorta forgotten about all the candy and I have hidden the bag ;) 

Today, amid the candy detox, the calendar turned to November.  While notable for veterans day, thanksgiving, the anniversary of marrying the love of my life, and the acceptability of christmas music on the radio, November is also prematurity awareness month.  Last year I wrote quite a bit about prematurity awareness month and world prematurity day (November 17th).  While worthy of posts, I feel like most of the readers around here are very aware of prematurity and all of its implications.  Preaching to the choir much?  This year I hope to talk more about how we can all help make others more aware about prematurity and how we can all help support those who have experienced a premature birth.  

I look forward to the conversation, passion, and knowledge that happens this time of year in preemie social media community.  What posts are in the works?  Anyone doing anything at their NICUs on World Prematurity Day?  

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