Sunday, November 17, 2013

world prematurity day

Virginia on World Prematurity Day in 2011, 2012 + 2013  holding her NNICU lambie.

World prematurity day is coming to a close and this little blog has had alot of visitors today (welcome to our little world, y'all!).  I typically have not linked this blog to any of my personal social media accounts, in fact the blog originated as a way of keeping things somewhat private (ohh the irony) and off of facebook when we were facing those terribly scary days of autumn 2011.  However, I realized that awareness was the the most profound thing we could do to contribute to reducing the rate of preterm birth.

Thanks to lots of friends posting and reposting our story, I feel like we have made a difference.  Given the alarming rate of prematurity in our country (1 in 9 babies) I am certain that we have reached someone that may be at risk for a preterm birth.  I hope by sharing someone at risk knows more about the warning signs and is more confident to advocate for their care.

Our story is everyones story.  We will continue to share it and hope that you do too.

please visit The March of Dimes to learn more about the risk factors, signs, and symptoms of premature birth.

and go to the World Heath Organization to see the global impact of premature birth.

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