Wednesday, November 27, 2013

prematurity awareness - hear it from others

We have had the honor, pain and joy of sharing our story here over and over here for the past 25 months but nothing is more profound then learning that each story of prematurity is different.  Each story is profound and each story has changed peoples lives.

I'm sharing a few of my favorite posts that others have written during prematurity awareness month this year.  Again, with more awareness we will all make an impact.

Watch this video of little Ward to get the truest glimpse into the world of the NICU as I have ever seen. This video has gone viral for a reason!

Read about Boo and Jax and the world that most of us never knew existed before we were affected by prematurity.

Read about another little V and how not just prematurity but a single moment in the NICU can change people forever.

Read about the babies that may seem to be forgotten but instead are embraced and loved by the angels of the NICU.

Read about how guilt is such a large part of the prematurity journey from Jenny.

Read about all of the losses that accompany prematurity from Charlie's mom.

Read Laura's tremendous collection of prematurity facts of the day.

Learn about the two worlds that prematurity becomes for Heather.

There are many, many more stories (please share others in the comments) and all need to be told and retold.  More awareness is the path to lowering the rate of prematurity.  More awareness is the path to changing the perceptions of prematurity.


  1. I love this post! Thank you for sharing so many incredible stories.