Saturday, November 26, 2011

2 pounds!

Virginia has hit a hefty 2 pounds! She is now clearly getting bigger by the day. Her doctors are very happy with how well she is handling her feedings and nutritional supplements . Preemies often have trouble digesting foods and growing off of calories that are digested rather than given intravenously, so Virginia is definitely excelling in this area. Virginia also had her last head ultrasound this week, which thankfully came back completely normal. We are so thankful that Virginia has avoided problems so far in these areas, which are common chronic problems for premature babies.

Virginia's doctors are continuing to take a "wait and see" approach to taking her off of the ventilator and onto a lower level of respiratory support. They have her on very low ventilator settings and are very happy with the condition of her lungs but want her to grow a bit more and have less apnea episodes before making the change.

We have so much to be thankful for this year.

Our beautiful daughter

All of Alyssa's doctors and nurses that helped us bring Virginia into this world.

All of Virginia's doctors and nurses, who care for her with compassion, love, and incredible knowledge and experience.

The constant support of our families and friends.

Our parents, who have driven many miles to support us during the darkest days and the happiest days.

For the many prayers that are coming from near and far, from people we know and many whom we have never met.

Specific prayers that we could use this weekend:
That her doctors are able to successfully take her off of the ventilator soon.

That Virginia continues to steadily gain weight.

That Virginia has less apnea episodes.


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  2. I have been keeping your daughter in my thoughts and prayers. I love to read all of updates and how much of a fighter she is. Family names seem to help, and know that her angels are continuing to watch over her. I cannot wait to read the post where she gets to go home! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!