Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good Progress and Pippi's Homecoming

Virginia has made good progress in the past few days. She is now up to full feeds and they have been able to remove her central line. The removal of the central line is great because it means that Virginia is getting all of her nutrition, supplements and medications through her feeding tube, but more importantly it reduces the potential for infection that is inherent with any intravenous line.

As of yesterday Virginia is up to 1lb 10oz and steadily growing! We are hopeful that her consistent growth and her lower ventilator settings mean that her breathing tube can be removed in the coming weeks.

Pippi has come back home after a 6 week vacation in Maryland. We are thankful that my parents were able to take care of her and obliged every time we wanted to skype with her from the hospital. Pippi seems to be happy to be back home and cant wait to meet her little sister.

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  1. I have to share with you a comment made by one of my friends' daughters who is praying for your Virginia. Her name happens to be Virginia, also. Not sure but she is around 11 years old. She said that she knew Virginia would be ok because she has a very strong name. I continue to share the good news each week with all those I asked to pray for your little Virginia. They are all amazed and so happy at the blessings you all continue to receive. They continue to keep you all in their hearts and prayers. I think you know you are not alone in all this. There is a lot of love, divine and otherwise, being sent your way.
    Norma J Levett