Friday, November 4, 2011

Back on Track

Yesterday we received the news that Virginia's PDA in her heart was successfully resolved with the first round of medication! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. They have restarted her feeds and her ventilator settings are gradually being turned down again. We are hopeful that Virginia will be back to making good progress in the next few days.

They have now turned off the humidity in her isolette and her skin is looking great. Because her skin was looking good and she had stabilized since her episode with the PDA we were able to start kangaroo care last night. She responded very well to the skin to skin contact and we were able to snuggle for a few hours. We were all on cloud nine. I think the picures speak for themselves...

Specific prayers that we could use this weekend:
That her doctors are able to further lower her ventilator settings.
That Virginia reacts well to the lower ventilator settings and increased feeds.

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  1. Hi Heath and Alyssa,
    I'm Joanna Levett Mason's mom. She asked me to pray for Virginia and all of you. I have about 30 of my friends praying and many are all over the country. You are on the prayer lists in many of their churches. So, there are untold numbers keeping you in their prayers and hearts. I'm so glad to read this latest update from you. I wasn't able to hold Joanna until she was a few days old and so I understand how huge a deal it is for you both to get to have her next to you, skin on skin. It's a powerful bond. We all will continue to hold you in our hearts and prayers. Thank you so much for the updates. God bless you all.
    Norma Levett