Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Go Ginny Go

We have raised an amazing $700 so far for the March for Babies! We are so thankful and continue to be amazed by all of the support we have received.

Heath and I will be donating $5 for every donation that is received before April 21st. Additionally Heath's employer will be matching 100% of our donation. So far we have received 11 donations which is an additional $110 for Team Go Ginny Go. This means every donation really makes a difference. If you donate $1 it has an $11 donation impact. Click here if you would like to donate.

Virginia continues to be the light of our lives. This week marks the first week that we have no doctor appointments, therapy appointments or visiting nurses. This is truly amazing to me! We do have 2 or 3 appointments next week, but we are really enjoying our quiet week this week.

By my rough estimations today, Virginia is close to 9 pounds and is 21.5" long! She has been consistently sleeping from 11:30 pm to 5:30 or 6am , which means I am sleeping through the night for the first time since I entered the hospital last September :)

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