Sunday, March 11, 2012

Everyone Has a Story

Back in late January, after those super scary days were mostly behind us and we were not so patiently waiting for Virginia to learn how to coordinate eating and breathing, I spent many late nights rocking Virginia next to another mother whose son was exactly a month older than Virginia. After the evening feedings and 7pm nurse shift change things would get quiet in the unit and the two of us would chat as we rocked our babies to sleep.

On one particular night we talked about the wild ride that we were all on and the amazing stories that our tiny babies would have to tell. This mother said to me "you know, this has all taught me that everyone has a story to tell." Those words really resounded with me, because it is so true. This experience was our story, but everyone has a story. Everyone has an experience that has changed them, changed the way they think about the world, changed the way they think about life. Everyone has a story.

I remember walking through the grocery store a few weeks after Virginia was born and realizing that no one knew what I was going through. I was just another anonymous person going through their daily routine, when in reality my world was upside down. I no longer had a pregnant belly, no longer could people recognize that my world was changing but I was living one crazy story. Heath, Virginia and I have a story. We are all forever changed. I like to think we are more grateful, more understanding, and have a little more compassion because now we really know that everyone has a story.

By a series of coincidences I became connected with a family friend that also is living their story. A little girl was born very early like Virginia and coincidentally on Virginia's due date, February 4th. They are in the thick of their story. If you have any extra good thoughts or prayers please send them to their amazing family.

We continue to be amazed by Virginia every day. We couldn't be happier to have her home and really are enjoying our new life together. She is quickly approaching 8 pounds, is sleeping 5 and a half to 6 hours at night and loves to be held and rocked.

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