Monday, March 26, 2012

confessions part 2

I appreciate that Virginia sleeps 6 or 6.5 hours straight at night but I do not appreciate being up early enough to watch shows on MSNBC like "Way too Early with Willy Geist"

One person can also watch too much TLC. I knew it was time to abandon TV all together when I found myself wanting to put "My strange obsession" and "Mamma's boys from the Bronx" on the dvr based on all the promo commercials.

I'm now a certified germophobe, I ordered a 24 case of purell and am considering adding it to my Amazon "subscribe and save"

Ginny and I have conversations about what outfit she should wear each morning, luckily she doesn't talk back yet and I get to put her in what I want.

It took alot of restraint not to call Heath every hour when he was home alone with Virginia all day a few weekends ago. He did great though, and even had dinner ready when I got home.

There have been times when I wished it was safe to strap the pacifier to Virginia's mouth. I do alot of pacifier replacing.

Im lacking a baby friendly wardrobe. Dry Clean only and baby spit up don't mix.

I'm probably overly excited to be on maternity leave during March Madness.

I bought a Jillian Micheals DVD on a Tuesday, I received it in the mail on a Thursday, I put it in the DVD player the following Monday and exactly a week later I still have not done the workout.

and this girl makes me insanely happy...

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