Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Dear Virginia,
My heart is so full of love, hope, joy, and pride because of you.  You have already persevered through so much and blossomed into a baby full of so much life, love, and happiness.
Grow strong little girl, you have the whole world to take on.

happy 1st birthday my little love!

Enjoy the slideshow, I will update the blog with her "official" 12 month stats and happenings tomorrow :)

Please leave Virginia a note, a wish or a memory in the comments.  We will be getting the 1st year of the blog printed into a book for her and I'd love for her to have words from all of you that have followed her progress.


  1. Dearest Virginia, it has been an honor getting to know you little by little over the past year. You have just come at this life like it is no. big. deal - you are an inspiration and I look forward to many more visits & memories in the coming years. I'm sure you will only continue to defy the odds in this precious life of yours! Stay strong like your Mama and you will be just fine :) xoxo - Auntie Colleen :)

  2. Happy Birthday to my sweet little Coco Pop! You have amazed us with your fighting spirit, strength and love of life that you have demonstrated during this first year. You have brought so much joy to our family. Keep fighting little one..defy all the odds!!
    I love you so much...Moma xoxo

    There is so much Love in my heart for you today and every day.
    You are a real gift from God.
    I had a talk with Big Virginia shortly after you were born and I asked her to hold you in her loving hands and she did.
    Thank you for fighting so hard, you never gave up.
    You bring me so much joy every time that I see you and it just keeps getting better and better.
    Have a wonderful Birthday.....Bobbob

  4. Happy Birthday My Little Chickie...I thank God for you every day and feel blessed to witness one of his miracles. I am so happy to be able to wish you a Happy 1st Birthday(one of many to come). I Love You..Aunt Tricia

  5. Happy Birthday, Virginia!! What a great thing to be able to say. Can you believe the fans you already have? You are the best miracle I know of. A true story of Hope. To see you get through this past year, I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you do in the years ahead :) Love always, Auntie Suz & Uncle Brian F

  6. Happy First Birthday Virginia! I can only imagine how special this day must be for the three of you. You've all displayed tremendous strength, courage, and perseverance throughout this past year. I hope that today is a wonderful day of celebration. You have so much to celebrate! Enjoy every second. Virginia, we cannot wait to meet you! Hope is looking forward to your future play dates.

    Adam, Andrea & Hope Robertson

  7. Happy Birthday Virginia! We hope you have a very special day with your parents- you all have so much to celebrate! We wish you health and happiness and love and joy in the next year, and many, many happy returns of this day.
    Love, Leah, David & Eleanor Fannon

  8. Happy birthday Virginia! You have come such a long way this past year. You have so many loved ones, friends, and family members praying for you and enjoying the life you have brought to this world. That will never change!! Can't wait to spend more time with you, sweet girl! Happy 1st birthday :-) Love, Kara

  9. Little V! How lucky you are to have had so many people rooting for you from the start and how lucky WE have been to witness the miracle that is your life. Here's to many, many more birthdays.

    Love, Diana, Nate and Claire

  10. Happy Birthday Sweet Virginia! You are truly a miracle baby. You have no idea how many people were pulling for you and praying for you. It's been amazing watching how you've grown over the past year and I can't wait to see what is ahead for you. I'm so glad that you are going to marry my grandson Jack = Ginny & Jack - it just fits!! This is the first of many exciting birthdays to come! By the way, you have an amazing mom!! Alyssa - loved the video - the song was perfect for the journey that you've been on! Love, Maureen

  11. To Our Little Miss Virginia, Happy 1st Birthday! What a year it has been. On that Saturday morning last October we were blessed with you so very small but so very strong. How you have changed our lives making them full of hope and love. Your parents truly blessed us with a GREAT gift a granddaughter. So little girl keep growing you will catch those 3 boys soon. Love you! Nino&Papa

  12. Dearest Virginia - Aunt Karen will never forget that phone call from Moma while I was on a bus to New York to visit your cousins Justin and Callum. What an early surprise, but from that first day we started praying to your great-grandmother Virginia to guide over you while you fought the battle every day those early months. We know Virginia was whispering in your ear to keep fighting, and we thank her, but of course, your family is so thrilled you fought too! We love you very much and enjoy all the photos your mom and dad have shared over this past year, and the calls on SKYPE. We can't wait for the next occasion to see you. You are our miracle baby, and beautiful little girl. Love, Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim

  13. Dear Virginia - it took your Aunt Karen 3 days to figure out how to leave you a message and when I finally did it right, I didn't add Happy 1st Birthday. So I am trying again and Uncle Jim and I wish you Happy Birthday - looks like you had a great day and especially liked your cupcake! Kisses!

  14. Happy Birthday Virginia, you are an awesome little birthday girl and you have truly awesome parents. They have shared your and their journey and they brought so many of us along on it. As a result we will not think about premies in the same way ever again and will work to see that all premies have the opportunity to thrive as you have. May you continue to flourish and enjoy those cupcakes. Love, Betty Conn.

  15. Virginia, Ginny, V, Nugget it is so wonderful to be sending a birthday message. You, Mommy, and Daddy fought so hard and successfully to be here. Happy Happy Birthday. Pretty sure your fighting strength and doing things on your own terms means you will be the perfect cousin for the three boys (Stooges)and two girls (the Maryland girls). Love ya Aunt Mary, Baby, Mare, or whatever works for you.