Monday, October 15, 2012

Party Time

Lots of Birthday Party photos below.  Virginia had a wonderful 1st birthday party and as you will see very clearly enjoyed her first taste of sweets.  She attacked the cake before we could even light the candle.

  Many thanks to all of you that celebrated with us on Saturday and even more thanks to all of you that have prayed and celebrated with us every step of the way for the past year.  
Special pumpkins for our special pumpkin. 

Many thanks to Auntie Colleen for taking so many photographs at the party!

Virginia with all of her cousins.

From XXS preemie to 12 months clothes.  

The bear cake- a very special Kent Family tradition!  Thanks Nino and Aunt Nichole :)

On her new chair from Papa

We have over 60 books with special messages to deliver to the NBSCU on Virginia's birthday.

Lots of Babies!!!

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