Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1 year!

by the numbers:
1 year
12 months
52 weeks
366 days (leap year)
124 days in the NBSCU
7 weeks on a ventilator
7 weeks working on bottle feeding
8 months at home
16 pounds and 2 ounces gained
15.5" longer
2 little teeth
endless amount of smiles and thousands of I love yous.

At 1 year Virginia:
*Weighs 17lbs 9 oz
*Is 28 inches long
*Is teething.  Her 2 bottom teeth have popped through.
*Is working on crawling.  She gets from point a to point b by a combination of reaching, rolling, scooting and twirling... she seems close to finding a more efficient way of getting around.
*Tries to pull up.
*LOVES feeding herself.  Her newest favorite foods are cheese, meatballs, kiwi, pancakes, baby carrots & squash
*babbles all.day.long.
*Is so happy and giggly

We had a great day yesterday and celebrated her birthday by doing some of our favorite things!

We went to crumbs to get birthday cupcakes!

Virginia played in the leaves :)

She dug into her cupcake!

Ginny posed with her giraffe

And last night we drove up to New Haven to deliver lots of books for the babies, cupcakes for the nurses and to see Ginny's nighttime primary nurse Amy.  Amy and our other primaries cared for Virginia with so much knowledge, skill and love; something that we are forever grateful for.  Their skilled hands, warm hearts, and gentle presence healed all of us during those 4 months.  

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