Monday, October 1, 2012

filling out the map

For a baby that spent the first 118 days of her life less than 50 feet from the operating room in which she was born, Virginia has covered some serious ground in the last 7 months.  I love maps and traveling and we are doing our best to ensure that Virginia will as well.  Since our first trip out of state in April she has made at least 10 roadtrips and 1 plane trip and has been in 9 different states.  It took me 30 years to get to Maine and Virginia got there by 9 months!  We hope to fill much more of that map in the years to come and hopefully add some color to a continent or two too!  

This weekend's trip took us to upstate New York to celebrate cousin Greyson's 2nd birthday!  Ginny loved hanging out with the boys!

We went to Rathbun's maple sugar house for pancakes.  Ginny LOVED her pancake.  She has good taste .... they ARE the best pancakes and obviously the maple syrup is delicious too.  

We also got to see Mr. Jack (and Auntie Colleen, Uncle Brian R, Auntie Suz, and Uncle Brian F)  Ginny and Jack babbled together and held hands :)

We drove through VT and stopped for pumpkins and cheese.

 And finally on our way back home we encountered a big storm but were treated to this double rainbow when we got to Fairfield.  how appropriate!

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