Friday, March 22, 2013

17 Months

Virginia is 17 months old today.  Goodness, where has my tiny baby gone?  

I was looking through photos last night and realized that my big baby still has the same "looks" as her itty bitty self.  




I can even see alot of Virginia today in this photo of her from week 3 of her life.  Many of her mannerisms are the same today as they were in those first few weeks.  

The way she tucks her arms in to snuggle is the same as the way she did it the first time we did kangaroo care.  

The way she furrows her brow is the exact same.

The way extends her arms and then her fingers out in protest.  The only difference is that she has gotten quicker.  

The way she keeps us on our toes.... I don't think that will ever change.  

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