Sunday, March 31, 2013

The best thing to come home to....

Thank you all for the good thoughts and wishes for my surgery.  Everything went according to plan and I left New Jersey more confident than ever that I made the right decision.   Recovery, as to be expected, has been uncomfortable but definitely easier than my c-section.  

Surgery was around 11 am on Friday and lasted about an hour.  In addition to placing the TAC, Dr. Davis was able to remove quite a bit of scar tissue from the large hematoma that I had after my c-section.  I was up in my room by 3pm and by 7am Saturday morning they had removed my IV, catheter, and oxygen and I was up and moving around.  I was discharged around 3pm and was home just in time to see Ginny before she went to bed.   Boy, it feels good to be home :)

It feels especially good to come home to this!

And then we celebrated :)


  1. Welcome home! I am so happy you are at peace with your decision. I love Ginny in her high chair. I always let my kids eat with their hands when they were tiny, with a nice bath following :) Hope your are feeling even better today!

  2. Oh my goodness, she's walking! :) So much to celebrate!

  3. So glad the procedure went well, looking forward to hearing news of Kent Baby 2.0 sometime in the future! Thanks for sharing Ginny's big accomplishment too, she is really something :)

  4. I somehow missed reading your post about the TAC until now. I am glad it went well and equally glad that you feel you made the right decision. And I think it's great you shared your research and experience regarding the surgery. Hopefully it will help others someday.

  5. Glad your surgery went well and I hope when the time comes, it works as planned. I have heard great success for traditional cerclages.

    I can't believe Ginny is walking!! LOVE!