Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Virginia Lately

Virginia has been a very busy girl lately.  Nothing is safe from her quick grasp and speedy little crawl.  She isn't standing on her own or walking yet but that doesn't seem to stop her from getting into everything and climbing on everything.  

We recently had her yearly Early Intervention assessment.  Since last march she has been getting weekly therapies to help with her gross and fine motor skills as well as various other development.  She has really thrived under her care plan and has met all of her goals, but it is pretty clear that she won't be "caught up" by age 2 (that is a post for another day).  Her fine motor and feeding skills are great right now and just about on track for a 16 month old.  Her communication skills, social skills, language, and cognitive skills are still more on par with her adjusted age of 12-13 months.  Lastly, her gross motor skills are still the furthest behind.   

We have decided to change therapy providers as we make the turn into the 2nd year of therapies.  This decision was driven by my work schedule, but I am excited to bring a fresh set of eyes and some new ideas into Virginia's world.   I am admittedly picky because my Mom is a Pediatric Physical Therapist and I regularly wonder if we are missing something when it comes Virginia's IFSP.  Im not one to sit around waiting for "the other shoe to drop," but at the same time I am trying to be realistic that we are not out of the woods with complications related to her prematurity.   I really think the change will be good for us all as we help Virginia thrive as a toddler.

BobBob came for a visit last weekend.  Virginia loved playing with him and Heath and I loved the opportunity to go out for drinks with some friends :)  

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